2004-09-30 - 11:17 a.m.

Sorry for the intermittent posts, lately. I admit I'm to blame, but if you really reflect and think about it, can you honestly say that you deserve regular posts? I mean, come on - how many of you have bother to leave comments or sign my guestbook or email or IM me? I know you're out there, I can hear you breathing. And by breathing, I mean, I can see your activity on my stats page. It would be nice to get some feedback, or at least to have you call me a right bastard. Go on. You know you've been dying to tell me to go screw. Now is your chance!

The reason I've been tardy is that we are right now in the middle of a product launch at work. When this was first scheduled, I thought they said "product lunch" so I volunteered. I'm always up for a free lunch, but I had forgotten Heinlein's old slogan - TANSTAASFL - There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. Feh.

I hate everyone in my Lit class. Everyone from the guy who thinks every story is a code and if he can just figure out what each detail refers to and maps it out into a chart he will be able to unlock the secrets of the universe to the girl who wont take off her winter jacket and scarf despite the fact that the room is so overheated even my grandfather would ask to have the heat turned down to the tough, grizzled fire fighter who is writing his dissertation on W. H Auden. They are all evil fuckers because all of them caved into the teacher's demand that we sit in circle. Ugh. Can't. Sit. In. Circle. If I don't sit in the front row with my back to the rest of the class I have to see them, and seeing people is the first step in acknowledging them as human and I'll be damned if I let that happen! So, I plan on treating them all as funny caricatures and forgetting their names at the earliest opportunity.

Those guys at clix reset the rankings, so I've dropped from #9 to #14. I've decided that I've had my moment in the sun and I'll just chill out on page 2 and see what happens. Oddly enough, the entry where I wrote that I was a big click slut generated some traffic from google. For a brief period of time if you typed in "I'm a slut" into google, I came up on the first page of results. I guess it pays to call oneself a slut.

BTW, do not install XP Service Pack 2 unless you hate the internet. If you despise the ability to connect from your computer to other computers which have information or content which would be useful to you, then by all means, install XP Service Pack 2. Otherwise, I would recommend telling Microsoft to go fuck themselves. C'mon, Mr. Gates, you're already richer than God, why can't you start focusing on distributing software that isn't crawling with bugs? Would it cut into your profits so deeply that to wait until a service pack has been tested before distributing it would endanger your domination of the market? Oh, puh-lease! Just take a deep breath and ask yourself - "Will releasing this software fuck people up?" and if the answer is "yes", then don't release it. It ain't rocket science.

Anyway, expect more frequent - and better - posts starting next week. This product launch is killing me.


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