2004-10-08 - 1:40 p.m.

The new guy still sucks. Because of him I had to

  1. Work all day instead of reading diarlyand entries and updating my own diary
  2. Not spend 6 hours chatting with my new favorite person (you know who you are, don't make me say it)
  3. Spend all day reformatting HTML which is only one degree above retarded-monkey work. Make that "half a degree".

Anyway, the boss is out next week, so expect regular updates and maybe even some multiples.

Been real whiny and emotional this week. I saw someone get on the T (er, subway) yesterday who looks exactly like Heather and I practically burst into tears because as much as I avoid her, I am secretly in love with her. Well, maybe not love, but some very high level of smitten-hood. She, however, is

  1. Not interested in me
  2. In Texas indefinitely
  3. An Evangelical Christian

For those of you who haven't figure it out, I made a macro to generate <li> tags, so expect a lot of lists in the future.

In an odd turn of events, I am actually going out tonight. Not only am I going out tonight, but I went out last night. What is happening to me? Next thing you know, I'll be joining wholesale clubs and worrying about mortgage rates. Kill me! I don't want to be normal!

So tonight I'm going out with my friend Jen and her fiance. BTW, I have no idea what is on her page that I just linked to, as I haven't had a chance to read it as she just gave me the link last night and I thought I had lost the bit of paper so I didn't look last night and only just found it so...BLAH. Use at your own risk.

Anyway (Stefanie, it isn't that kind of anyway by the way) the plot thickens. Not only did Jen ask me if I wanted to go out for drinks tonight, she also invited (or said she would invite) a girl I secretly have a crush on. What the fuck? I'm turning into a 13 year-old girl with all this going to bars and secret crushes and junk. That's what I get for hanging out on diarlyand I suppose. Don't be surprised if my next entry starts something like

My parents just don't understand me.

But come to think of it, maybe the crush isn't so secret as I probably drooled the whole time I saw he last or something equally charming. I mean, she's cute, she's funny and she READS. The last few girls I've dated have not been big readers; How can I possibly date someone who isn't a big reader? All I ever talk about is books and music so if you don't want to hear about books, that's 50% of my conversational repertoire.

Ok, it's not quite true that all I talk about are books and music. I also talk about porn. And how angry I am with God. And how I am so terribly lonely that I wish people hated me so that at least I would know that I meant something to them. That sort of thing. You know, the usual stuff.

To show you how nervous I am at human interaction (especially when someone I consider dateable is there) I actually bought breath mints on the way to work. Not only that - not only that - not only that, but I washed my feet this morning which I rarely do during the week because I'm so tired when I get into the shower on weekday mornings and because of that I have a neurotic (surprised??) fear of falling down in the shower while doing this. Did I just gross everyone out? I hope so. That is, as you all know, my very reason for being.

Reading Half in Love
Wishing I had stink-proof feet
Plotting to avoid as much work as possible while the boss is away

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