2004-10-12 - 10:28 a.m.

So... I'm thinking I'm never going to sleep again. It is really just too much trouble. I mean, I was up late last night working on a paper and I got only three or four hours of sleep and I'm sharp as a tack. And the night before I only got a few short hours as well. It hasn't made any difference. On an unrelated note, I heard the alarm go off this morning and started sobbing. Oh, and I got lost on the way to the bathroom. And I fell asleep on the train. And I could swear that no one in my office is speaking in English today. They are all talking in a language only spoken by robots that have been manufactured by transdimensional beings who have taken up residence on Pluto and are planning to take control of us through our dreams.

But aside from that, everything is normal today.

Oh, man... I need a nap...

But I need to stay awake and think of a plan for dealing with those eldritch and diabolical horrors plotting our enslavement from our distant sister planet out there elliptically orbiting our sun through the cold vacuum of space which is no defense against their sinister machinations and the tendrils of pure insanity which are even now creeping closer to us out of the inky blackness between the stars.

So, if you could help me out with that, it would be great, as I am having trouble concentrating today.

Need. More. Coffee.

And brains! Delicious brains!

BTW, neither "transdimensional" nor "eldritch" were in my spell checker. No wonder mankind wallows in ignorance, fit only for servitude at the hands of unseen and twisted overlords.

Reading the stars so I can know when they are coming. And they are coming, don't you know!
Wishing I could nap on company time. But then the monsters would get me! Oh, pity me!
Plotting my escape. Yet the only escape is madness itself. But what the heck, right?

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