2005-01-14 - 9:41 a.m.

Quotes from an IM conversation I had with Stefanie. I'm just so glad Stefanie will be back here in Bean Town soon that I felt I had to celebrate her in some way. See if you can guess which are from Stef and which are from me. It'll be a fun little game. No, really. It will. Trust me!

  1. I bet you've missed my charming brand of complete insanity, haven't you?
  2. I've got a meeting in a few minutes and I need to obsessively check my email and dland stats
  3. I'm certainly long on being neurotic, right?
  4. You are always whining for attention, and I don't strangle you.
  5. That's enough ... getting creepy
  6. I could play games with the shrinks, like point out the window and ask if they saw that and then they'd be like "no" and I'd be like "yeah" and then they'd give me pills to stabilize me and it would be fun
  7. You always make me feel nuts which is a good thing.
  8. Breathe in ... Breathe out ... Breathe in and now hold it til you pass out, just for fun
  9. Well, they make me laugh. That is sort of like being good, right?
  10. Don't wander too far away; I'm fragile.

Ok now. Send in your guesses (either with the comments link or email) and I will announce who got the most right sometime soon. You know, when I get around to it.

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