2005-02-05 - 8:46 p.m.

Just wanted to let you know the results of the contest. It turned out to be a two way tie. But before I announce the two winners, here are the answers:

1 Me
2 Me
3 Me
4 Stefanie
5 Stefanie
6 Stefanie
7 Stefanie
8 Stefanie
9 Me
10 Me

And, in a coincidence that couldn't be more convenient, the two way tie is between my two most loyal fans (dodged a bullet there, didn't I?) oomm and Beth.

Anyway, just a quick update today. Went to a dinner and games night with some people from my church last night. A lot of laughing was done. Met a nice, pretty girl named (in an ironic twist) Heather. She didn't leave my side the whole evening, and I even tried to ditch her a couple of times just so I wouldn't come across as clingy. Does she like me? Maybe. But I get burned so often, as my regular readers know, that it's hard for me to even think of asking her out. Plus, she is like 10 years younger than me. Which would mean that she'll still be in good health when I am old and in need of round the clock medical care. That would be convenient, wouldn't it?

I figure I'll know more when I see her at church tomorrow. I'll try and fill y'all in tomorrow night.

In other news, I emptied the kitty box and placed all new, fresh litter in there. The darn liner is the wrong size even though it is advertised as fitting my yuppie litter box. Plus I cleaned the tub - not well, but it's a start. And I'm going to trim my beard later. Oh, and I watched the Star Wars Holiday Special. It was even worse than I imagined (or remembered) it being! Yay! I had to throw the DVD out after I watched it. I couldn't live with the fact that it was an illegal copy. Aren't I a wuss?

Well, now I really have to go. I've got a lot to do tonight.


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