2005-02-10 - 12:16 p.m.

So, I'm taking the T home last night when I decide that my book is boring and I'd rather listen to other people's conversations. The first conversation I hear is between two business men. One of them, let's call him Mr. Cheap Bastard, is telling his buddy, whom I'll call Mr. I'm So Boring I Find This Conversation Interesting (or Isbiftci for short) how to score some double points at a particular hotel chain. I wont say the name of the chain because I don't want to be a party to this sort of shenanigan, but apparently, their membership rewards program give you bonus points for every check-in regardless of the number of nights you stay there. So, according to Cheap Bastard, you can get 500 bonus points if you just stay in a different hotel owned by this chain every night. If you are in Boston for three days and you stay at the hotel near the airport one night and then at the hotel downtown and then at a hotel in a nearby suburb, that's 1500 points!

So, Isbiftci asks for what Cheap Bastard is going to use all these points? And Cheap Bastard answers that he is going on a trip to Bangkok. How come I have a feeling that Cheap Bastard's wife and kids aren't going to join Cheap Bastard on this trip to Thailand. Not that Cheap Bastard is going on a sex tour or anything.

Anyway, I was nearly run down by a UPS van last night. Guess where I was? On the sidewalk. No, really. I was walking on the sidewalk when a UPS van pulls up on to the sidewalk right behind me. No big deal, I think, except he keeps driving - right behind me! For about 6 yards! Finally I turn around and start waving my arms and the guy gives me a shrug and a look as if to say "What can I do?" as if he is required as part of his job to drive on the sidewalk.

But wait! What if he was skidding on the sidewalk and couldn't stop? He was going uphill and he was only going as fast as I was walking (or else I would be dead) which I estimate is only a few MPH so I'm guessing that he wasn't jamming on the breaks or trying to slow down or regain control of his vehicle. I'm guessing the bastard just didn't care.

Well, I'm thankful to still be alive.

I spent a good chunk of last night moving stuff out of my junk room and into my living room so that Heather #1 can fill it - temporarily - with her junk. When she moved to Texas she thought it was only going to be for the Summer, so she left a lot of stuff in Boston in storage. Well, since she is here, anyway, she thought she might as well pull some of that stuff out of storage, give some away, sell some and then leave some at my apartment. She promised it would all be gone by June. I wasn't planning on using the space until June when my brother is planning on visiting.

A lot of people would tell me I'm a sucker for giving up a room in my house for three months for someone who could easily just fly off to Texas and leave me will all of this. Well, I'm taking a chance here, I know. But I trust Heather #1.

I also have been late for work three days in a row.

Are these two facts related? Nope. That's just me being crazy.

I'm seeing Heather #1 today either for lunch or dinner. She said she would call. Hopefully she will call soon, as I'm hungry and if she doesn't want to get lunch, I'm going to get my own. Ugh.

Don't have much else to say right now. Oh, wait! Yes I do!

I hate political blogs. They are so common, too. Everyone of them is the same stuff : "Oh, Republicans are mean and stupid!" or "Democrats are liars who hate America!". Man, it's enough for me to wonder if free speech is such a good thing after all. I doubt the framers of our wonderful constitution had the average sub-literate political blogger in mind when they came up with the first amendment. It isn't free speech so much as free rant, and nothing free is worth much at all, right?

Political bloggers bug me, but not nearly as much as bloggers who put up barriers to you communicating with them. I was surfing Blog Explosion the other day and I found a blogger who hated political blogs as much as I did. Now, most of the surfers who come from BE spend their thirty seconds and go. Well, I actually enjoyed what this one blogger had to say, so I decided to leave a comment for him. Maybe I would even bookmark him and come back. But no. When I tried to leave a comment I got a message saying "This blogger has chosen not to allow anonymous comments". Ok, so I'll join this stupid service and then leave him a message. That's a lot of work, but I love it so much when people leave me comments that I'll do it anyway. Well, you can't just sign up for this community, you actually have to start a new blog. I already have two! And one of my friends wanted me to join a community blog the other day. I politely refused as I already had two blogs, but why would I turn her down and then join this other blogging community? Uh, no.

So, I decided that this yokel doesn't deserve any love and I will not link to him. I can't even figure out what he had to gain by forcing me to join. It's not like being a member of this community means I wont spam his comments or leave notes about how I am stalking him on the astral plane or something. Why do people buy into this sort of false sense of security? I couldn't tell you.

Reading Fran Lebowitz, again. I got bored of whatever I was reading and Miss Lebowitz is always funny.
Wishing People from Blog Explosion would leave a comment or something

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