2005-02-17 - 9:16 a.m.

Note: The following work is fictional. Some of the details are real, some are imagined. Just FYI.

This is the thing. We need to know - are we safe? Safe isn't a word I can use in good conscience anymore, she says. These tears can cleanse you, she said. They are gentle but they cost so much I cannot afford. She replies - the only cost is your pride. Doesn't she know that my pride is all I have?

She brings me to my true home and offers me half a cookie. I try to make small talk with some strangers but where is the line between chat and gossip? The business will start soon. She will come with me up to the sanctuary where we will cast our votes and she knows this is good for me but she cannot stay. It hurts to have a family.

Reading The Epistle of St. James and St. Paul's Second Letter to the Corinthian Church
Wishing Don't make me say it, please?

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