2005-02-24 - 9:37 a.m.

It looks just like any other bridge. The river it use to cross dried up ages ago. Some of the older folks remember the river but it's like a word that is slowly fading into obscurity. When you mention it, you usually have to explain what you mean; so, slowly but surely, you stop mentioning it. It might last another five years or so and then we'll have a generation who will never have heard of it.

"I don't want to leave the building because I know I'll never be inside here again." This is probably true. I wish I could frame those words.

"And this is where I keep the creature's food," he said. I'm thinking: "I know the routine, guy. I've been watching atomic monsters for years. I'm the super nanny of atomic monsters."

Last night I met some nice folks. Why do I feel guilty and scared that I like them? I feel like I need to say goodbye to them, already. Like I am being called away from this world.

My cat stares at me as I drift off to sleep. What is he thinking?


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