2005-03-04 - 9:12 a.m.

I want an infrared M&M. Oomm thinks this is a good idea.

I'm still feeling kind of sick.

I do have something nice and shiny for you. It's at the back of the closet, right next to the bottomless pit. No, to the right of the cage full of deadly scorpions. Underneath my collection of obscure poisons. Yeah. In that box. Right there. Just stick you hand in and grab it. What? Go ahead. Don't worry.

Yeah, that's it. You see, that ring gives you a wonderful power. It allows you to invade my head while I'm sleeping and see what I'm dreaming about. I wont know that you're there. I'll just have to trust that you will be there. At least, I hope you will be there.

Dreams are a lonely business.


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