2005-03-10 - 10:48 a.m.

Man, I wish I was packin' heat. Instead I'm packin' Kleenex brand Pocket Packs because the only thing runnin' like a punk is my nose. Bah! Winter has lost its charm for me. I think Spring sounds like a wonderful idea and I wish someone would invent it. It's kind of far-fetched, I know, but a season without snow and without significantly high temperatures accompanied by mind-numbing humidity sounds like it could fill a real niche market. We could target it towards non-masochistic residents of Boston. I bet they'll bite and then I'm sure we can capitalize on that and cross promote something with NYC.

So the construction next door continues as well as the sulfurous fumes that emanate from the big pit they've dug. I've gotten used to it for the most part but every once in a while it kind of catches me off guard and makes me gag like a thirteen year-old who is forced to wear generic sneakers. Or a thirty-something who has been denied access to his grande no-whip half-caf white mocha latte.

I was on a conference call to the Philippines this morning which involved waking up early so my thought processes probably aren't as sharp as they normally are so forgive me if I babble. It is amazing how badly people communicate, though. We got stuck on this one issue where everyone was in agreement but everyone had a different reason for holding this one opinion so it still took us twenty minutes to move on from an issue for which there was no disagreement. I tried several times to hasten the process but to no avail. Oh, woe is me.

Saw my shrink last night. We ended early because I just have nothing to say. She thinks I'm having a relapse of my depression. I think it's because I'm scared she'd have me locked up if I told her about the secret messages I've been finding in my oatmeal. I have to admit it is a little weird, but the messages have been pretty sensible so far. Things like "Buy low, sell high" and "Never carry a cat home by the tail" and "Please stop pouring boiling water on top of me for the love of all that's good it burns, it burns!" so I figure I'm in no immediate danger of doing anything rash or bizarre.

Except this:


But I've got that out of my system. So, I should be good for a day or two.

Until next time:

"Please stop pouring boiling water on top of me for the love of all that's good it burns, it burns!"


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