2005-04-13 - 6:50 a.m.

[Update: Guess who has a job interview on Friday at a company with outstanding benifits including matching 401k (200% match on the 1st 3% of my salary!), long-term and short-term disability (all paid for!) and even free life insurance (someone needs to think about Smitey's future) as well as tuition reimbursement? Go on, guess!]

[Yeah, it's me. I knew you'd get it! Anyway, prayer, etc, would be appreciated.]

I have nothing to write about today. Well, that's not totally true. I had a list of things I wanted to write about, but now none of it seems at all interesting. Well, except that I got a spam for Viagra from someone with the same name as my dad and found it quite disturbing. I guess that is sort of interesting.

Language seems to change over a single generation. It used to be that the phrase "pretty smart" meant "smarter than many". Recently I told someone she was pretty smart and she took it as kind of an insult. I guess she felt I was damning her with faint praise or something, Weird, huh?

This women in my writers group checks her email only once a day. I told her I found that odd, but she replied that she didn't want to live her life on the internet. Me, I'm too far gone. I get nervous if I don't check my email once an hour. However, I hear from where she is coming. Our lives have gotten so complicated and technology is a big part of that. I want to uncomplicate my life. At some point that might me disentangling myself from the internet. Not anytime soon, though. Just on the horizon.

I'm having a ton of trouble finishing the book I'm reading for my writers group. I hate all the characters. Not one of them is sympathetic. I just don't care... I feel like a big baby because of this. I mean, I should be able to find other things to like in this book, right? Sean thinks that we, as a culture, are trying to turn our literature into something more like film - losing the lingering sense of detail and love of language - but I say, just give me some characters I like and care about.

And I feel like a big hypocrite because recently I was lambasting people who didn't like The Great Gatsby because they thought Daisy was a bitch. Oh, well. I like the narrator in that story, though. And I liked Gatsby. That, perhaps, made up for Daisy being a bitch.

Anyway, I almost cried when my alarm went off this morning because I am so tired. Feh.


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