2005-04-19 - 6:33 a.m.

It looks like it will be a beautiful day. Perfect for sitting in a cube. Watching a little computer screen. Feh...

At least it's a short week. I had yesterday off and I have Friday off. Sweet! All I need to do is get through three days. Oh, and I have jury duty Monday, so that is like a day off, too. And, I'm a standby juror so I might not even need to go. Yay, me!

Still loving RFaD. Still loving sleeping on clean, freshly washed sheets. I'm a simple creature...

...unlike the creature living in my closets. He is very complicated. He has all kinds of emotional baggage. He was abandoned by his spawning monster as a little monsterling. And all the monsteroids at the monster orphanage made fun of his late bloomed horns and his undersized claws. I think his tiny claws are cute, but he always tells me I'm just trying to make him feel better.

And I say "Of course I'm trying to make you feel better, Togoron, but it's also true."

And then he threatens to feast on my liver and he chases me around the house until we are so exhausted that he doesn't remember what he was down about in the first place.

He is a good closet monster.

The last three before him didn't work out. I did make a tidy profit selling their meat to the local school district, though. I wonder what they did with all that rotting monster meat? A humungous monster meat loaf? With evil gravy? And a side of squamous potatoes? I feel jealous of the kids who get the hot lunch on that day, let me tell you.

Ah, well... it's almost time for me to go to work.

Reading Requiem for a Dream by Hubery Selby, Jr.
Wishing I didn't have to work
Plotting to bang on my drums all day

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