2005-04-21 - 6:29 a.m.

Is there some web page you want to see destroyed by meteors or dinosaurs? Check out www.netdisaster.com, enter the URL of the site you want crushed by alien invaders, choose a disaster and go!

Monday night we had some pretty warm weather here in Boston, so I tried to sleep with the windows open. It felt wonderful. A nice gentle breeze would come through every now and then. It felt like Winter was finally over and it made me feel happy. Sadly, there were also noisy neighbors. But I think I could have gotten over that. What really bugged me was Joe Car Alarm. This is the guy who never bothered to read his car alarm manual and manages to trip it off every two minutes. How does he do this? I don't know, but it requires a lot of persistence and effort, I'm sure.

A few days back, I remember the thought popping into my head "I need to email Nicole about this!" and I made an effort to remember to email her, which I did remember, but I couldn't remember what I wanted to email her about. And then as I was reflecting on whether or not to mention this weird event in my dland page, I suddenly remembered what it was. Weird, huh?

My friend Tim sent me a letter months ago. I decided about a week ago that I wanted to write him back (finally!) and now I can't find the letter or his mailing address. I sent an email to his last known email address asking for his mailing address, but I have no idea if it's still good. I hope it gets through.

The "someone else" I said I had met has been giving me some mixed signals, so I'm going to forget about it. I don't have time for games. Oh, and I spoke with H#1 last night and I can't even think of other women after I've spoken with her. I'm such a loser, wanting what I cannot have. Oh, well.

Not much going on these days.


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