2005-04-29 - 9:05 a.m.

I was really depressed and tired when I woke up this morning, so I thought I would bypass my writing because I didn't want to bother my handful of readers with such bogusness, but now I feel pretty good because I survived another week and I got a ton of work done yesterday so things should be pretty easy today.

Oh, and I'm apparently Big Foot. I used to think Big Foot was a mythical or at least urbany legendy sort of beast, so you can imagine how embarrassed I was to discover that I in fact am Big Foot. Oh, it was not a pretty sight. I'm sure I was red as a beet underneath all the layers of matted, unkempt fur.

But life isn't as bad as all that. Anyway, if you have any Big Foot related questions, shoot them on over and I will attempt to set you straight on the Big Footedness. Leave a comment and prepare to get Big Footed out!


That's Big Footese for "Word!"

PS. I'm thinking of joining The Loch Ness Monster Adventure Club. Do you think they would accept Big Foot?

Reading Red Moon Rising by Peter Greig and Dave Roberts

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