2005-05-23 - 9:19 a.m.

Been reading spritopias. Good stuff, check it out.

One of my digital cameras has gone missing. My parents bought me one for Solstice Day a few weeks after I had bought one from Jen, so at least I have a backup.

I have no idea what I might have done with it. I checked all of the likely places and nothing... The case was still hanging from the hook. It's scary to think someone stole it, since they would have had to break into my house, take the camera out of the case, and leave the case so I wouldn't realize it had been stolen, and then walk out the door, locking it behind them. And they would have had to leave everything else untouched. Man, I wish they had taken the cat....

Anyway, I'm going to assume that I leant it to someone. I can't imagine who or why or when, but it boggles my mind to think it was stolen.

A short and powerful argument against moral relativism can be found here. I'm quite surprised that Pantera is featured so prominently in this polemic, but I am easily stunned.

Went to see Episode III on Friday with Jen and her fiance. We had a great dinner - jerked chicken! - followed by a thoroughly mediocre movie. Oh, well... at least I have closure now.

My cat has finally broken my spirit. I tried (and failed) to get him groomed on Saturday. I took a cab to the groomer's Saturday morning and his carrier broke as soon as I got in the store, so I had to hold a spastic, frightened cat while the store manager fixed the stupid plastic box. Then when I took him to the groomer, the groomer asked me for his health certificate. His what??? Oh, apparently, they wont touch a cat unless I have some kind of documentation that he isn't that monkey from "Outbreak". It would have been nice if they had told me this before I had spent $20 on a cab to drag him out there.

On the cab ride home, the cat pooped all over his kitty carrier. The cab driver didn't freak out, which was nice, but the smell was awful. When I got home - and somehow resisted the urge to strangle the bastard - I looked in the carrier and there was a weeks worth of mashed turds squished up against the back of the box. He must have been storing up for an event such as this. I feel like Princess Leia when she confronts Grand Moff Tarkin and says "I recognized your foul stench when I was brought on board!" From now on he is Grand Moff Kitty. Stupid cat.

What the heck is a Moff, anyway? And how do I tell a regular, vanilla Moff from a Grand Moff? Oh, George, you never cease to challenge my intellect!

The last Alpha of the semester was last night. I swear I almost cried. The whole day was kind of a labor, though, and I had an embarrassing outburst of anger against a totally innocent group of people while we were trying to set up the room. A very humbling experience. Anyway, the room did end up getting set up and I even got to see most of the 4PM service wherein my friend John (not this John) was baptized. Always nice to see a baptism.

Fought off more pirates today. Those guys are really getting pesky. I keep telling them that I am nowhere near the Barbary Coast, but they just keep singing those catchy sea shanties and I just can't stay angry at them. Until next time, "Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum, me maties!"


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