2005-05-24 - 9:50 a.m.

I got reimbursed for my expenses from that stupid training the other week. Yay! Why am I so excited about an expense reimbursement check? It feels like found money, but I got it for stuff I bought because the company made me do something inconvenient which I didn't even want to do. I spent, it seems, $53 in cab fare to go to this training and I have already forgotten almost everything I learned. I did have a lot of fun hanging out with our Network Admin (whom I'll call Jar Jar - heh!) and Kettle. I got a chance to turn Jar Jar on to Sufjan Stevens - one of my favorite musicians - and a chance to tell Kettle about J. Vernon McGee - not that she'll listen to him, but I'm getting the word out, right?

Anyway, I just love J. Vernon McGee.

Almost as much as I love my subscription to the rancid dairy product of the month club. Actually, I love Dr. McGee even more than rancid dairy products. Much more. Come to think of it, I don't like rancid dairy products at all and I love Dr. McGee very much. Perhaps that comparison (as well as my subscription to said club) was ill advised.

So many of my problems stem from the fact that I think like a consumer rather than a servant. I would complain less about my church if I saw it as a place to serve and reach out to the lost. I would be more content if I didn't expect life to be an endless parade of entertaining experiences. I would be less lonely if I took time to help people instead of trying to cultivate friendships based on how entertaining I think the other person will be. It's almost like servanthood is how we were meant to live


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