2005-06-08 - 8:42 a.m.

First off, I feel like a total jackass for the unrighteous snark the other day regarding the unicycle man. No one who has an online diary or blog has the right to complain about other people's desperate cries for attention.

Secondly, this will be short today. I meant to update last night from home, but I was distracted by my "spiritual crisis of the week". Anyway it all worked out in the end - no further details planned on that as it was a pretty run of the mill spiritual crisis.

Lastly, I really want all of you to read this. I know it's long and I know it's all brainy and so forth, but it's about a real and dangerous trend in the world. When I read it myself I was really challenged and it got me to re-think a lot of the presuppositions I had been carrying around. I want to hear what you think of it. Please leave a comment, note or email. And please don't dismiss it until you've read it all the way through! (The type is really small, but you can change the text size by hitting the control key and the plus sign in firefox or going to the "view" menu item in IE and selecting "text size". It will be much easier to read that way.)

Oh, and one more thing. There is a music festival on Boston Common this Sunday sponsored by my church. It should be fun, as a lot of really talented musicians go to this church. If you live in Boston, let me know and I'll send you the details.


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