2005-06-16 - 8:52 a.m.

The people in my wonderful church might disapprove of the language in this song, but the best way I can describe my feelings right now are in the lyrics of this song by a skate punk band I used to like back in High School and College. It's true, no one can bring me down it seems.

I especially like the part that goes:

Who the hell you calling crazy? You wouldn't know what crazy was
If Charles Manson was eating fruit loops on your front porch....

And this isn't for lack of things going completely haywire and getting f'd up. No, sir. Plenty is going wrong right now:

But still! I am just so psyched because of some great promises I've been given.

I added a new blog to my link list over on the left. It belongs to my friend Jen's fiance. He happens to be one of a dying breed - a polite leftist. I knew there were one or two of them left in the world. I get embarrassed by other liberals and leftist because they think that it's okay to yell and scream and tell people you disagree with that they are stupid. Well, my friends - you ain't going to change anyone's mind by calling them stupid - or greedy or mean for that matter.

The other day I was reading an article about people jeering and yelling at Arnold while he was giving a commencement address. Now, I'm not a fan of Arnie's films or politics (I did like the Terminator, though), but the man was invited there and he has a right to speak. The free speech of the protesters is not a licence to be rude.

The heat has finally turned around here in Boston. It went from so hot that my Kitty Pot Pie would not move during daylight hours to so cold that I needed to go to REI in the middle of the day to buy a fleece. But what a fleece! Not only do I love the color, fit and pockets - I have a pocket fetish - but it was only $25 - which is cheap by REI standards - and it was a size smaller than I normally wear! What an ego boost that was! I told the people in my bible study about that and they all agreed that any fleece that fits you and is a size smaller than you normally wear is a "keeper".

Father's Day is Sunday. Scary, scary stuff...

Went out for dinner last night with a guy from my bible study. I know that this probably doesn't seem like a big victory, but my social phobias run deep and I have a lot of trouble making friends. And I need more of those in my life right now. We talked a lot about our weaknesses and failures and it is such a relief to be able to tell someone how messed up my life is and about some of my crazy dreams. If you are the praying kind, please pray that this friendship would develop and that it wouldn't be too horribly awkward when I call my dad this Sunday. I love my dad and he is a great guy and I even love hanging out with him, but talking with him on the phone is always torture.


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