2005-06-17 - 8:25 a.m.

Hey, all. I was looking at yesterday's post and realized that I might have led some people astray as to my own political convictions. I'll keep this brief as I don't want to turn this into a dreaded political blog! I voted democrat (with a lot of reservations) in the last election. I will probably vote democrat in the next one, too. I don't consider myself a leftist or a liberal but I do hold to what has been termed a "consistent life" position which means I am anti-war, pro-welfare state, anti-capitol punishment but also anti-euthenasia and (moderately) anti-abortion. What do I mean by (moderately) anti-abortion? I mean the state and our culture need to do things to reduce abortion. I don't think making abortion illegal is a realistic way of doing that, but we need to do more than pay lip service to the slogan "legal, safe and rare". We need to fund programs that will actually reduce the abortion rate such as those listed here. Please read that and the other information here before writing me off as someone who wants to regulate what you can do with your body.

So, why the remarks about the lack of "polite leftists" in the world? Well, I was pretty much disgusted by the last presidential election. People were talking as if there was something fundamentally wrong with the minds of people in the red states. I can't stand that. I can't stand writing people off because of their opinions and I was sickened by so much of the rhetoric that was used. I thought the left had decided that it wasn't even worth engaging people's minds anymore and with recent remarks by Howard Dean I don't see that attitude changing.

And that is why I distance myself from the Left.

I know I've probably annoyed some of my readers - perhaps even most of them. However, if you want to debate, please don't do it in my comments section. Send me an email if you want to tell me I'm full of it. Or even if you want to tell me I'm right on - put it in an email, not the comments. I don't want this to turn into a political blog and I promise to shut my trap about it for as long as I can.


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