2005-06-22 - 8:49 a.m.

So much to write, so little time. My resolution to write at night - thus giving me more time - has fallen by the wayside. I need to re-resolve, I guess.

Had dinner last night with my friend DeeDee and a street preacher named Stuart. You can read about Stuart here. I think he is my new hero. The three of us yakked for a couple hours about how no one in the church seems to take the Gospel seriously. I left feeling both re-charged - now I know I am not alone - and convicted - as seriously as I take the Gospel of Christ there will always be those who take it more seriously. Plus I had lots of notes about new websites to check out and new books to read.

Anyway, today I am having lunch with a Deaconess from the church I attend. We're going to talk shop, mostly - plans for following up with the students who took Alpha this past Spring.

Nothing funny to say today. But I am awfully excited. I am a horrible sinner, but God is so much greater than my sins. Isn't He wonderful?

Oh, and one of the new programmers just walked in and regaled the office with a tale of people mud wrestling by the highway. Oy.


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