2005-06-24 - 8:46 a.m.

The lovely and talented Beth asked me to list my current six favorite songs. Here goes (in no particular order):

Ok, I guess I need to tag some people. Well, I only know like three people or something, most of whom have already done this, so I'll tag my good friend Jen. Have at thee! And now, I shall wallow in my own crapulence.

I've had some serious writer's block the last few days. I may need a vacation. My goals are going in different directions and I no longer feel like I am one person with one goal. It's like I have gone back to living two lives and I need to stop that.

An argument for cloning - we could see how our lives would turn out had we made different choices.

Each day seems like a dilemma. Should I be Richard1 or Richard2? Man, it really stinks two have two incompatible sets of goals. Something has to give and I'm afraid I know which one. Being loved sucks because then you can disappoint the one who loves you. I used to be so naïve. My bones and my flesh wish to go back to that, but my mind and my heart push to go forward. Who will win? Bambi (my heart) or Godzilla (my flesh)?


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