2005-06-28 - 8:28 a.m.

Saw my shrink yesterday. Yeah, things are real exciting around here. Nothing planned for tonight but to make a few phone calls and wait around for my groceries to be delivered.

Tomorrow I'm going out to dinner with the folks from my bible study. Fun city.

Actually, I expect I will have a good time. There are some real cards in this group. How often do I get to refer to someone as a card? Never. And that is why I love you. I also love this dland entry because it predicts the seeing of crazy sights and such. Whenever I see crazy sights it usually involves adjusting my psych meds. Like this one time, at band camp - I mean, during a 48 hour psych eval - I saw and army of viscous gibbons re-enact scenes from Great Expectations but instead of Pip inheriting a fortune from a mysterious, unnamed source, Pip got torn limb from limb by gibbons. I guess they didn't like the ending and decided to do a re-write.

Anyway, I'm covered in sweat from my brisk walk to work. I think Summer is getting old. Where is Autumn when you need her?

My head hurts and the gibbons want to write a screenplay about my life. A bad sign...


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