2005-06-30 - 8:20 a.m.

Ugh! Stress! The letter says they start taking calls at 8AM, but I called and the recording says they don't start till 8:30! I was prompt - for once- and this is how I am repaid? No wonder I'm a lazy, procrastinating good-for-nothing.

Had a good time last night. At certain points in the evening there were too many parallel conversations going on and my brain just shut down. Plus I cam to my senses about something and there is nothing more boring and disheartening than evaluating a situation soberly and lucidly. If only I were allowed beer on this diet I could have made a real ass out of myself and had some great stuff to share with you, but the side effect of my new found taste for health appears to be that I've become a very boring writer.

In light of that, I'll write three paragraphs about tying my shoes.

Tomorrow. Yeah, I'll do that tomorrow, because I've already discovered how being prompt just makes you frustrated.

So, folks, tune in next time for some hot, shoe-tying action. I wonder if there is some Internet fetish site about shoe laces? There seems to be one for about every other sick and disgusting perversion available. Or, at least, that's what people tell me...


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