2004-09-15 - 10:47 p.m.

Well, the story is coming along well. It has kind of a Raymond Carver feel. I think my style might be too derivative of Carver but I also think I am too critical of myself - so there!

Guess not too many of you want to hear about strippers. If you want to hear about the strippers, you'll just have to email me and let me know you care. Yeah, I'm an email slut - you're point?

My iPod is currently sucking music out of my laptop and it is slowing my computer down. I can't wait to get this thing loaded up. I'm actually edgy with excitement which is kind of sad. I got a messenger bag yesterday, too, so I felt all hip and shit on my way to work this morning with my stylish new bag. I feel like such a girl.

The Cardigans are playing on my stereo and I'm too pumped to sleep so I'll probably lie down and listen to two or three episodes of the old The Shadow radio series. Just between you and me, The Shadow is in reality Lamont Cranston, man about town. His companion, the lovely Margot Lane is the only one who knows that he is the man behind the voice of The Shadow. The Shadow is brought to you by Blue Coal, the finest Pennsylvania anthracite. Ask for it by name.

Got a call from a friend of mine who moved to Florida about a year ago. She makes me think about that period of my life when my faith was strong. She is one of the coolest people I know. I really miss her.

This pointless entry is brought to you by Blue Coal, the finest Pennsylvania anthracite with the harmless blue coating applied at the mine so you know you are getting the one and only Blue Coal.

Maybe tomorrow I will have something intelligent to say. I think a couple of entries back I might have said something worth reading, so click the "previous" button. It will make me very happy.


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