artgnome - 2005-07-08 08:22:50
sounds like george can be fascinating or your worst nightmare, depending on the environment and what state of mind one is in. get this, I have a wedding this morning, on a Friday, and it's Victorian Era dress theme, in July! how's THAT for surreal? I love my church family, they are all total freakin' lunatics!
Crate Obscure - 2005-07-08 08:26:31
Victorian Era? Do tell me you'll get some pics! What a fascinating idea for a wedding.
Beth - 2005-07-08 09:26:02
That makes me wish my husband was the kind of guy who would go along with something like that. But not really. In July, I'll bet that would be super hot. But anyway, what has got this slug all in a tizzy?
Crate Obscure - 2005-07-08 09:28:47
Oh, George is just mean. He's a mean 'un.
oomm - 2005-07-08 11:47:58
Can you give George my number? He sounds like my kinda guy.
oomm - 2005-07-08 11:49:24
also, did anybody suggest my Hypercolor wedding to the bride and groom? I bet they'd drop that Victorian theme in a minute for hypercolor stretch pants.
Crate Obscure - 2005-07-08 11:54:31
Here's one for the standardized test committees of the world: Oomm is to Hypercolor as Crate is to gibbons
oomm - 2005-07-08 12:16:08
You wore Gibbons on your wedding day?
Crate Obscure - 2005-07-08 14:14:33
Don't pretend you don't remember!
artgnome - 2005-07-08 16:35:26
I did get some pics but the batteries died so I will download them sometime later this weekend. I did enjoy having the opportunity to make one of my more famous quotes, when the ladies at my table were discussing different types of weddings they had or were dreaming of and I was asked about mine. "Well, you know everyone will be wearing parkas at my wedding, because Hell WILL be freezing over." Hah! Yes, thank you. I know...I'm a true romantic.
Crate Obscure - 2005-07-08 16:38:30
So, you're not going to go with the Hypercolor? <br><br> Anyway, can't wait to see the pics.
oomm - 2005-07-08 16:57:50
I don't remember alot after the druids gave me that sap to all goes wavy after that.
Crate Obscure - 2005-07-08 17:00:35
heheh... <i>druid</i>... heheh <br><br> Almost time to go home! YAY!
artgnome - 2005-07-08 18:16:02
I must say, hypercolour is tempting, as the thought of having wedding guests like druids and oomm, but's a big fat NO to ever being married again.
Crate Obscure - 2005-07-08 21:29:01
Don't forget the gibbons, ag! Don't the gibbons mean anything to you?
artgnome - 2005-07-08 22:13:06
Are you kidding? Mojo JoJo would definately be giving me away.

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