2004-09-14 - 11:11 a.m.
So, my iPod was suppose to arrive yesterday, but I've had bad luck with these arrival date things. In light of that, I went to the Fed Ex website and did a track package and according to the website the package was delivered at 10:40 AM yesterday morning.
With this seeming certitude in mind, I walk over to the counter at Mail Boxes, etc. at 198 Fake Street St expecting to get my iPod. I did get a couple of packages, but not my iPod.
Filled with fury and covered with ginger sauce (in an unrelated dining incident) I returned home and went to the Fed Ex website, again, seeking confirmation of delivery. Well, they had a signature and everything, but...
Fed Ex delivered the package to the wrong address!
Now, where would you expect it to go? Maybe 196 Fake Street? Or 200 Fake Street?
Sure, that would be a simple mistake.
On the other hand, it might go to the wrong street, right? They might drop it off at 198 Not Near My Home St or 198 Another Street I Don't Live On because they saw the 198 and didn't bother to read the rest, right? Reasonable mistake. People sometimes make mental shortcuts like that.
But no...
They delivered it to the wrong street and the wrong number!
120 Not Near My Home St.
It's easy to see how they would get 198 and 120 confused and also simultaneously get Not Near My Home St and Fake Street transposed. Happens all the time.
I have the worst luck with packages...

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