2004-03-10 - 9:32 p.m.
A lot of people are afraid of a lot of things, and this makes perfect sense. We all have something that just really bugs us or gets under our skin.
The thing I fear just happens to be in that shoe box over there.
Please, I wish someone would take that shoe box away.

But I digress...
I think I am going to raise some children. The only entertainment they will be exposed to will be Edward Gorey books and the old Addams Family TV show. I think that would be the coolest thing. The question is where am I going to find me some children?!?
If there are any volunteers out there, give me a shout, k?
Probably the best way would be to start a day care service or something. I would have to convince parents to allow me to fill the kid's impressionable, little minds. They ask a lot of questions though. "Well," I'll say to them, "one thing is for sure. My educational philosophy is certainly not based on a dare!" But I can't say that. I can't lie with a straight face.
Plus there is that whole shoe box thing. It really wouldn't be safe to have kids around that. Maybe this whole idea is just sour.
Gee, that is depressing. I need to count my blessings.
Things that give me joy:
  1. Laughing maniacally in the company kitchen
  2. Cackling madly while writing emails to the human resources department
  3. Giggling mysteriously while my co-workers eat their lunch
  4. Chuckling under my breath and muttering "we'll see who laughs last" when some jerk pulls a fast one on me
  5. Snickering disdainfully at people who ask me "What is so funny?"
  6. Knowing that for the few hours I am at work I am away from that shoe box and the horrors it contains
Anyhoo, maybe it's time I cleaned up my room. The passage to my hideout is blocked by clutter. It would be a real drag if I needed to escape and ended up getting caught because I tripped on some oily rags.

Reading my tea leaves, which is tough since I use bagged tea
Wishing that I had the complete works of Dame Darcy
Plotting an intricate game of cat and mouse
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