2005-03-21 - 11:06 a.m.

The IVR programmer shared an interesting fact with me. Say you have a dry-erase board and you accidentally write on it with a permanent magic marker - it is not ruined! Apparently, if you use a dry erase marker and write over the marks made by the permanent magic marker, a solvent built into the dry erase marker with dissolve the permanent magic marker's marks so when you erase the new marks the old marks are remarkably erased as well.

Yeah, I'm special.

Just had a big huddle in one of the other programmer's cubes. Half the department was over there talking about clothing and catalogs and dress codes and smelly jeans and then the network admin - who must have been working or something - paged us and told us to go back to our desks. Esprit de corps for ya.

Oh, and I've decided that for the big writing project next month, I'm going to turn my idea into a children's novel. Wish me luck.

Friday night I went over to dinner at my friend Nicole's house. Brenna Kate and Roy were there too. Nicole said she was going to cook, but she's a vegan so I made sure to have a couple of slices of pizza on the way over. As per usual, there was a lot of laughter, but some pretty heavy stuff is going on in BK's life so we talked about some of that, too.

Also we discussed Nicole's Leporidaephobia. A fear so rare that it isn't in any of the phobia lists I found on the Internet. I had to coin this word. You see, Nicole is scared of rabbits. So we spent a while making fun of her, because we're such nice people. BK and Roy gave me a ride home and during the drive I realized I have 50 or so fears even more ridiculous than Leporidaephobia. Let's face it, even a fear of sharks is more ridiculous than a fear of rabbits. You are a lot more likely to be attacked by a rabbit than by a shark. And I am dreadfully afraid of sharks. I'm also afraid of silverfish, falling down in the tub, germs, misunderstanding conversational subtext, having people know they are important to me, food poisoning, newspaper ink (and I use to work in a newsstand!), accidentally chewing aluminum foil, accidentally putting aluminum foil in the microwave (yes, I have a lot of aluminum foil related phobias), falling, electricity, bursting pipes, contaminated water, bridges, getting old, arthritis, hernias, meningitis, pi, buildings with names, that guy over there, John Hughes films, thong sandals, blue coal - the finest Pennsylvania anthracite, copyright violations, that guy who suddenly is a lot close than he was when I last mentioned him, that box he is pulling out of his trench coat, that shiny thing in the box, that OH NO! HELP!

Fell into despair Saturday afternoon. Cried out to God in my anguish. Then within 30 seconds, H#1 called. God is so awesome.

I'm tired and hungry and wolves are chasing me, so I'll just wrap it up now.

Reading Wasting the day away in The Master and Margaritaville

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