2005-05-18 - 9:03 a.m.

Played Cranium this weekend and all I could think of was the song from Dexter's Lab - you know the episode, the one where everything is sung like an opera. They even show (tastefully) Dexter's birth and his dad is amazed at Dexter's humongous head and says "Look at the size of his cranium! Is the a problem, Doctor! Is there a pro-ho-ho-buh-lem!" in an appropriately operatic singing voice.

But I didn't beak out into song because everyone around me seemed like such adults. And adults (normal adults at least) just don't take as much pleasure in cartoons as me. Their loss (said while having visions in my mind of being crushed by an avalanche of Speed Racer merchandise one day when I become to old to rush around adjusting the balance of this pile of merch).

Anyway, the Janitor didn't say anything about my hair cut. I guess he couldn't top his last performance of saying I looked like a little boy. I thought about encouraging him to push his boundaries, but I really appreciate people who know their limitations.

Where has Oomm gone?

And now, or no particular reason, a prediction for the future:
Self-deception is the next "black"


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