2004-03-09 - 3:31 p.m.
I created a survey. You should take it. Here are the questions:


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Trying to answer the age old questions: "Are you me?"

1. Ever get the feeling that you are a character in a novel that Jorge Borges would write if he wasn't so lazy (and dead)?

2. Illusions or allusions?

3. Where did you get that thing? It looks like it should be in a museum!

4. Delusion or dementia?

5. That's why ___________ put ____________ on the ____________ of ___________.

6. If you could be anywhere on earth, right now, doing anything you wanted to do, why in the world would you be taking this survey?

7. Do you sometimes think that the messages from the other agents aren't arriving because the have been intercepted?


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