2004-11-01 - 10:55 a.m.

Sunday I saw Saw. Upon seeing Saw, let me say this: If you see Saw, see Saw with someone. If you see Saw singly, seeing Saw will seriously spook said someone who saw Saw singly. So says I about seeing Saw. So, no one can say I said nothing about seeing Saw and specifically about seeing Saw singly.

Ok. Now that you all hate me for that self-indulgent use of alliteration, I'll tell you about The Date. It went fairly well. The start was inauspicious. I took the bus to Manchester which left Boston at 12PM and was scheduled to arrive in Manchester at 1PM. She (whom I shall simply call K.) called my cell phone while I was on the Bus at about 12:55PM to ask me if I thought it would arrive on time. I said I thought it would and she said she would leave about 5 minutes before the bus was scheduled to arrive.

This seemed odd since it was already about 5 minutes before the bus was scheduled to arrive, but I didn't dwell on it.

So, the bus arrives at 1PM and I sit in front of the bust station till about 1:45 or so wondering if maybe she forgot to re-set her clock. Tick, tock, Scully...

Around that time she comes up to me and says "Hi" and that she had been waiting where the bus dropped people off. And I'm thinking - "Didn't it occur to you that I might not be sitting right on the platform like some kind of paralyzed leper but that if I didn't see you there I would try to find someplace out of the way of people trying to get on and disembark from busses?"

But I held my tongue, because all the "self-help" books about dating and making friends and junk say you should shy away from yelling and screaming at someone when you first meet them.

K. is cute. She is pretty and she seems nice enough, but we went to get lunch and the conversation was really strained. We had trouble coming up with things to talk about. And our waitress screwed everything up, too, but I can't really blame K. for that. I guess I could, but I wont. I don't think she paid the waitress to fuck up, but maybe I'm wrong.

After lunch we went to pick up her weird friend P. She wanted to have a friend of her's around in case I turned out to be a freak. I should have said "Don't bother, I am a freak" but it seemed to make sense at the time. In retrospect, I should have seen this as a warning sign. I guess the woman I sort of have in mind as my "ideal" woman would be able to deal with the risk of my being a freak. After all, I am a freak. Oh, I don't know...

So, as you might have been able to guess from the above, we went to see Saw. I wont start alliterating again, as tempting as that sounds. It was really, really creepy. And very gross at points. There was a preview for the forthcoming Rob Zombie movie, The Devil's Rejects: House of 2000 Corpses which looks like it could kick some ass.

Afterwards we went to Barnes and Noble where I spent too much money. I'm so sick of spending so much money whenever I go into a bookstore. I've got enough books to last me a decade. I've got to stop this...

I'm torn on whether I should see her again. I'm leaning towards "no" as she just isn't the witty, urbane, intellectual woman I normally imagine when I think about getting hitched. Sadly, the woman I truly, deeply desire has said she is not interested in me. Life's a bitch. So, share your romantic sob stories, tales of compromise and yarns of lost chances with me. It might cheer me up.

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