2004-10-06 - 9:54 a.m.

I can't fucking believe it.

It's 9:30 (roughly) and the day is already unbelievable.

Point #1 - I had an 8AM conference call. All I had to do was be on the fucking phone. What do I do? I sleep late. That's what I fucking do. I must be getting old because I never, ever miss appointments. Ever. Ever. Never ever.

Point #2 - The new guy quit. Apparently after I left for school, he left, too, and never came back. I come in this morning really early to try and make the conference call and he was here and I say (because I don't know that he is no longer employed here) "What are you doing here so early?" and he says "Oh, just tying up some loose ends," and I think he means he had some code he needed to fix and he was embarrassed and wanted to fix it before anyone came in and noticed. It happens all the time with programmers.

Anyway, I get on the call (15 minutes late) and after that I walk over to his desk and he is gone. So I ask our network admin who came in a few minutes after me where the new guy went and he says he didn't see him. Then he tells me the story of the new guy taking off yesterday afternoon.

Point #3 - My boss is reassigning all of the new guy's work to me. It is all pathetic, stupid HTML crap. I can't stand HTML. I don't like HTML. I'm not very good at HTML. I am going to kill this guy if I ever see him again.

Point #4 - Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

Anyway, short entry today, I suppose.

I came home from class last night and busted out a story in about 20 minutes. I don't know if it is any good, but I think it could be in a couple of more drafts.

The other big news is that I've decided to forgo NaNoWriMo this year. I just have too much on my plate. My class at Umass is taking more time than I expected, plus there is a class I want to take at The Boston Center for Adult Education - it's a short story workshop type thing. My shrink thinks I should do more things like that on the off chance that I will meet people who don't sicken me. Apparently that is the first step to making friends and developing a social life. Who would have thought?

Feh. I'm hungry. I think I like being hungry, though. It's new and different. I'm sure it will get old.

Reading Half in Love by Maile Meloy who apparently is related to the lead singer of the Decemberists, one of my favorite bands.
Wishing I had more time to write
Plotting to get out of doing all the new guys work, but I think it is an effort in vain.

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