2005-06-03 - 9:07 a.m.

I wanted to update last night, form home, but was frustrated in this desire. Anyway, here are yesterday's highlights.

During our morning staff meeting we talked about some sample audio file scripts that needed to be written and there was a debate held about who should write them. My boss said "Oh, I think A.S. will write them" as if it's perfectly acceptable to refer to someone just by their initials. I decided to call attention to this and say "Aaron Spelling is going to be writing it?" It got a nice laugh. More of a polite acknowledgement rather than any real amusement, which I imagine is pretty much the same way you are reacting right now.

However, later that morning, Kettle pulled me aside and said "I think Aaron Spelling is actually here! I saw someone who looks exactly like him upstairs." To this I responded "Well, I guess we can expect some exciting plot twists." Boy, that would certainly spice up this diary! Let's hope there are plot twists a plenty!

I went to lunch yesterday with my good friend Jen and she asked why I call my cat Grand Moff Kitty and I told her to follow the links on my blog. To this she responded "We did, and we couldn't figure it out but we decided that it must be some kind of Star Wars reference."

Some...kind...of...Star Wars...reference??? She is almost as bad as The Most Ignorant Barista! So I said "Jen, have you bee n living under a rock? I really should kill you right now!" How come no one seems to have seen the original Star Wars? Is everyone around me culturally illiterate? Jen's only defense to my death threat was "Do you want to go down in history as the guy who killed his friend over a Star Wars reference?" It was a very tough call, but I decided to let her live.

We had a great lunch and we discussed wide ranging things like the inability to reinforce non-puking cat behavior. I mean, what do you do, give the cat a treat every time he doesn't puke? Well, with Jen's cat, that might not be a ridiculous idea. He should be called Pukey.

The irony of me watching Monk on DVD while cooking was significantly more delicious than my dinner. By the way, anyone know for how long cooked hamburger will stay good in the fridge? How do I tell when it's bad? What will ever become of me if I eat bad meat? Tell me or I wont be able to sleep at night due to the images of tainted meat germs spreading through out my kitchen then into my bedroom and surrounding me in my sleep! TELL ME!


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